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LHC Software Analysis

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  1. Establish high level User Requirements for the LHC Control Software. This via Use Case of appropriate operational scenarios. Here we need to establish the requirements of the application software and the high level requirements of the various systems.
  2. Formal specification of the LHC Application Software via a high level analysis and design.
  3. Architectural model of the control system, functionality, performance.
Analysis Instrumentation Hardware Control system Applications Components
Nominal LHC cycle Measurements Power Converters Timing Sequencer Post-mortem
LHC model


Collimation Security Injection Sequencer Machine model
  Orbit  TDI Middleware Application list
(& resource estimates)
Settings management
  Luminosity TCDQ Real time & Feedback Sector test requirements LHC Logging Project
  Tune Injection Kickers Analogue Acquisition   Data distribution
  Chromaticity Dump RBAC   Fixed displays
  Beta beating Warm magnets Daemons   XPOC
    Radio Frequency     Software interlocks
  Wire scanners Cryogenics     SDA
  SR monitors Magnet Model     Mode
  RGM Co Rad Mon     Beams
  BST diagnostics Tune kicker     Aperture model
  Schottky AC dipole     Combined monitoring
  Threader Aperture Kicker     Beam quality checks
  Abort Gap Monitor K-modulation      



Mandate (Original from 2000 - word)

From 2001, a first pass of:

1. Use Case operational scenarios to establish controls requirements
2. Target specific novel control infrastructure issues to establish requirements & possible solutions
3. Establish and confirm low level level functionality required of equipment by high level controls
4. Establish the functionality of the application software

[Andy Butterworth, Oliver Br�ning, Mike Lamont, Marc Vanden Eynden, J�rg Wenninger]

The resultant analysis of the LHC's nominal operational sequence is available as an LHC project note (313)

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